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The official Million Web Shop is available now!
Look out for our special deals and stock up on sapphires.
You'll receive your items in your in-game mailbox in less than 5min.

Any questions about this Web Shop? Check our FAQ.


What's the difference between buying in game and on this Shop?


Buying from the webshop offers more sapphires for the same price as in-game. You will also find exclusive offers on the webshop.

What is my player- ID and where do I find it?


Your Player ID (PID) is your unique in-game identification code. It can be found in-game through the settings panel.

Where do I receive my sapphires?


Once the purchase is confirmed on the website, 3 to 5 minutes later, you will receive the sapphires through your in-game mailbox.

Who to contact if I have an issue while making a purchase on the webshop?


For any issue related to the webshop, please contact directly Xsolla through the help center.

Other questions


Check our complete webshop's FAQ